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Dr. Ellis at Ellis & Evans Oral & Facial Surgery
Dr. Ellis discusses what you should know before getting dental implants
Dr Ellis at Ellis & Evans Oral & Facial Surgery

Dr. Ellis

Dr. Ellis discusses how guided implant surgery works

The Closest Thing To A Natural Tooth

If you have a missing tooth or need one extracted, consider a dental implant before settling for a conventional dental bridge. Built to look and function like natural teeth, dental implants are the only solution that can permanently replace your tooth. Unlike bridges, they restore health, function, and aesthetics after tooth loss, without affecting any of your remaining teeth or natural bone. A dental implant takes the place of your missing tooth with a titanium post surgically placed into your bone. This post acts as a tooth root and the foundation for a custom, lifelike dental crown. When precisely placed, dental implants can restore your ability to eat and speak without difficulty, renew your facial aesthetics, preserve your jawbone health and prevent adjacent teeth from shifting. If you’re interested in receiving a dental implant in Gahanna or Upper Arlington, OH, receive your treatment from a skilled oral surgeon for the most predictable and long-term results.

Over 8,000 Dental Implants Placed

Our two board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons have placed a combined 8,000 dental implants using the latest surgical techniques. Our surgeon, Dr. James Ellis, focuses specifically on dental implant surgery at our practices and has extensive experience in replacing missing teeth, bone grafting, and tooth extractions. Through his education to become an oral surgeon, Dr. Ellis received specialized training in surgical techniques, anesthesia treatments, and medicine. This means he’s trained and qualified to treat complex cases, including patients with pre-existing conditions such as diabetes. Beyond our expertise, we use US-based surgical materials and innovative digital technologies to retain a superior level of quality and efficiency in our treatment process.

Our Specialized Treatment Process

Phase one: Personalized consultation and planning

Dr. Ellis discussing sedation dentistry

The first step of your treatment process is to complete a personalized consultation with our team. If you’ve been referred to our practice or you want a second opinion, we’re here to ensure you know exactly what to expect and what’s possible with dental implants. Next, we’ll discuss your smile goals and take CBCT images of your mouth. These scans provide a 3D view of your mouth so we can see the quality and quantity of your bone. This will tell us if you need bone grafting and will aid in more precise treatment planning of your surgery. Using our 3Shape Implant Studio software and 3D printer, we will digitally map out your surgery and fabricate a custom surgical guide we’ll use during surgery. Our treatments are always prosthetically-driven for the best aesthetic as well as functional outcomes.

Phase two: Dental implant surgery

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Dental implant surgery is a fairly minor procedure that generally only requires local anesthetic. However, we offer a comprehensive range of anesthesia options to ensure your comfort during surgery. If you require a tooth extraction or bone grafting before we can place your dental implant, we can often complete these procedures during this appointment. Next, we’ll place your dental implant with assistance from our custom surgical guide. This guide ensures we’re placing your implant at the most precise angle, location, and depth so the results of surgery are predictable and provide the most ideal foundation for your dental crown.

Phase three: Recovery and restoration

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Dean's Story

Dental implants have improved my oral health.

Once your dental implant is placed, you’ll need a few months to fully recover. During this phase, your natural jawbone will begin to heal and fuse around the dental implant post. Eventually, this bond will be as strong and permanent as that of a natural tooth root. While we won’t be restoring your dental implants, we’ll be in contact with your dentist during this entire process. Your dentist will have all the diagnostic information needed to plan a beautifully custom dental crown. Once this dental crown is attached to your dental implant, you’ll have a strong, healthy, and permanent tooth!

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Avoid Making Costly Mistakes!

Dental implants are a lifetime investment in your health, function, and quality of life. Avoid the common mistakes people make when considering implants by following our recommendations.
Dr Evans at Ellis & Evans Oral & Facial Surgery

Dr. Evans

Discusses Why choose an oral surgeon?

For a reliable and long-lasting solution, it’s wise to choose a dental implant—and to see it as a long-term investment when placed by a skilled surgeon.

An Affordable Replacement for a Missing Tooth

If you’re considering both a conventional bridge and a dental implant to replace your missing tooth, then you’ll discover that dental implants have a higher upfront cost. Just remember, a conventional bridge, though fixed to your teeth, is not a permanent solution and will need to be replaced. Similarly, bridges damage other healthy teeth and won’t support your natural bone. For a reliable and long-lasting solution, it’s wise to choose a dental implant—and to see it as a long-term investment when placed by a skilled surgeon. You won’t need to replace a dental implant and it won’t be damaging to your natural teeth and bone. In fact, over the course of your life, a dental implant will actually become the more affordable solution and one that won’t become stained or decayed over time. Seeking this permanent solution from our team of specialists can provide you with a permanent new tooth and return your smile to full health, function, and beauty!

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